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Our rack system solutions are tailored to your specifications and support needs, from tiny warehouses to big high-rise distribution centers. Our rack system designs provide the highest level of storage efficiency.

Creating the ideal pallet rack system for your business is a multi-step procedure. This is due to the fact that everyone’s objectives and ideas are unique, and these goals and ideas are carefully considered when working with a reputable specialist like Laveen Pallet Racking for your pallet racking needs.

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Pallet Racking and Warehouse Storage Systems

Phoenix Pallet Racking’s Laveen site offers a wide range of rack and shelving alternatives, storage shelving options, pre-owned rack beams, pre-owned pallet rack uprights, pre-owned pallet rack verticals, and pre-owned warehouse storage racks.

We also purchase secondhand pallet racking. We would want to discuss any old or excess pallet racking you may have for sale or just to transfer if you are intending to move, improve, or close your facility. Encanto Pallet Racking can hold both big and small quantities of goods.


Pallet racking or conveyors in a drive-in warehouse shelving design might be your next storage enhancement. This design is ideal when there is minimal space available but a great amount of storage is required. The purpose of this architecture is to maximize the efficiency of resource allocation. This has typically been the chosen solution for most racking designs because most firms operate in low-volume warehouses and storage facilities. The storage employs a first-in-last-out structure to store goods in high density, eliminating the need for aisles, which take up extra room.

Turn to Phoenix Pallet Racking’s Laveen location for a wide variety of high-quality new and used racks if you need pallet racking solutions in Laveen.

Working with second-hand machinery is one of our areas of expertise. This makes it simple to buy or get rid of surplus materials or components, as well as to reconfigure or move your current configuration. We will manage your project from beginning to end, or any sections that will help you, if you have a deadline and are short on time to coordinate all project components.

There are also sales of used machinery like reach trucks and forklifts. Call us to repair or patch your racking system if your forklifts have damaged any of your racks.


Pallet Rack Removal in 85339

Phoenix Pallet Racking offers complete pallet racking removal and disassembly services in Laveen and the surrounding regions. Phoenix Pallet Racking meticulously breaks down and removes pallet racking from your plant to guarantee profitable resale value. Binding your used pallet rack for safe transport to a new location or the auction block is also part of our pallet rack removal service. Cleanup of pallet racking gear is also provided.

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