Major Highway Systems of Phoenix

Many roads run through much of the Phoenix metropolitan area, and the very city itself, which is the one that we shall be focusing on today. From Interstate roads and US Routes to the smallest of State roads, we shall discuss them all in this article. First off, we shall be discussing the most important roads for the city, the Interstates.

The first road we shall be discussing is Interstate 10 or I-10 for short. It is the cross-country interstate furthest south, and thus it connects many important cities in the American South as well as the American West Coast (Phoenix, Arizona included). It is an old road, being part of the first freeways included in the original Interstate Highway network that was laid out in 1956. The Interstate within Arizona passes through Tucson, getting more road traffic added to the already large amount from previously passed cities in I-10s way, this road traffic is quite essential for Phoenix’s economy.

As for the road within the city, the freeway grazes through the southeastern borders of Phoenix’s administrative area, then, after an interchange with US Route 60 (which makes the two concurrent with each other), the road begins to veer to the left, entering the city proper. It passes through the primary airport of Phoenix, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, and this fact makes this road quite important as travelers from all over will need to use this road, including you if you were traveling to the city.

The road then forms an interchange that begins the route of Interstate 17, which we will discuss later on. The road then forms another interchange, this time with State Routes 51 and 202 (this interchange is also called the Mini Stack), before veering to the left for the last time inside the city. The road keeps on going west, intersecting with Interstate 17 once more (this interchange is known as The Stack), as well as splitting from Route 60 (which goes diagonally to the northwest). The road then exits at the western border of the city, near Tolleson. It crosses the Agua Fria River not long after.

The next road to be discussed it Interstate 17, which we briefly mentioned earlier. The route starts off at an interchange with Interstate 10, near Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, from there it goes west, going through much of Central City, before veering northward, forming an interchange with I-10 called The Stack. It also becomes concurrent with US Route 60 at the interchange. Though this doesn’t last long as the Route splits off the Interstate near the Phoenix-Wickenburg Highway. The route then keeps on going north, passing through the neighborhoods of Alhambra, North Mountain Village, and Deer Valley. This is where it forms an interchange with State Route 101, and Norterra. The freeway then forms interchanges with State Route 303 and State Route 74, before exiting the city’s borders near the suburb of Anthem.

I-17 has the unusual distinction of starting at approximately milepost 194 instead of at milepost zero. This is a holdover from Arizona’s old system of marking mileposts, where a branching route would continue the milepost numbering of its original host, instead of starting over at zero

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